Desperate Housewives
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date October 17, 2004
Written by Oliver Goldstick
Directed by Arlene Sanford
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"Ah, But Underneath"
"Who's That Woman?"

"Pretty Little Picture" was the 3rd episode of Season 1. It originally aired in the USA on Sunday October 17, 2004.

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Main Plot Points Edit

  • The ladies throw a party originally meant to be hosted by Mary Alice.
  • Susan and her ex-husband's new girlfriend have a confrontation in the street.
  • Susan has an embarrassing encounter with Mike when she loses her towel.
  • Bree attempts to cover up the fact that she and Rex are having counselling.
  • While snooping around, Bree comes across a mysterious tape labelled "Young, Mary Alice".
  • At the dinner party, Bree causes a stir.
  • Gabrielle is bribed by a small girl who catches her and John together.
  • Paul puts his house up for sale.

Synopsis Edit

"After I died, I began to surrender the parts of myself that were no longer necessary. My desires, beliefs, ambitions, doubts… every trace of my humanity was discarded. I discovered when moving through eternity, it helps to travel lightly. In fact, I held on to only one thing, my memory." Mary Alice's body is cremated.

"It's astonishing to look back on the world I left behind. I remember it all…every single detail. Like my friend Bree Van de Kamp. I remember the easy confidence of her smile (she brings some cakes to her friends with a smile on her face), the gentle elegance of her hands (she makes a dinner special and flambéed it), the refined warmth of her voice (Mary Alice leaves the house with her husband and Bree says goodbye to them). But what I remember the most about Bree was a look of fear in her eyes (She asks Rex if the dinner wasn't just lovely but he can't listen to her and goes away)."

"Bree had started to realize her world was unraveling, and for a woman who despised loose ends that was unacceptable."

It is almost six in the morning and Bree goes down to the living room to wake Rex up so he can go to their bed room and that way children won't suspect anything. She wakes him up and he looks so tired. He confesses that the damn bed in the living room is uncomfortable. She tells him to move to the upper room and to sleep with her but he tells her that that would confuse things. She tells him that she misses him and he tells her if he doesn't get sleep anymore he will be forced to move back upstairs out of sheer exhaustion. Bree takes pincers and cuts the wires that hold bed under and puts the wires so they go through the bed and it will be just painful to sleep on it.

"Yes, Bree was afraid of many things. But if there was one things she wasn't afraid of…it was a challenge."

"The day on Wisteria Lane began like any other, with a cup of coffee and the morning paper, and while Lynette read the business section (Kids are wild as always but she is still able to read the paper), and Gabrielle studied the fall collection (her maid is pouring her a cup of coffee), and Bree searched for decorating ideas (Bree is reading the papers while correcting her flowers in a vase), Susan scanned the front page and saw something that caught her eye. Susan goes to her calendar and sees that she marked the tomorrows date with: "Mary Alice, dinner."

She goes to Lynette and knocks on door. Mary Alice opens the door and tells her that it was about time and Susan brought snacks. Girls are all playing poker and Bree is complaining and tells Lynette that the cards are sticky and she explains that the kids used them for scooping jam out of the jar. They all sit together and Mary Alice says that she wants to throw a dinner party. They lived so long on the street and never really made something like that. Mary Alice says that Paul doesn't like having people over but the hack with him she is doing it. They set a date a month from today and that would be the 16th of October. Bree asks is she should bring anything but Mary Alice says that this is her party and she will make everyone happy, and she is very happy and excited that they are doing it.

Lynette opens the door and Susan shows her the paper and the note on it. Girls gather together and Susan is shocked to find out that everyone forgot about it. Lynette says that they didn't forget it is just when to hostess dies the dinner is off. Susan thinks that they should go through with it in some way to honor Mary Alice because she was so excited about this whole idea. Bree will make braised lamb shanks and everyone will come. Gabrielle tells her to make dinner for seven people three couples and Susan but Susan sees Mike and she wants to invite him.

Gabrielle tells Carlos about the dinner party but he tells her that he has some mess at work. She tells him that he promised to be home early every night this week. He will try but he can't guarantee anything. He tells her that she is too intense and she should go to do something, like spa or shopping that would relax her. She calls John who is in the school. He tells her that he will go running after school and asks her if he should come with his gym clothes and she tells him that he should.

Lynette tells Tom about the dinner party but he tells her that he didn't even get the chance to unpack and he needs to chill out a few days. She tells him that it will be amazing and he tells her that he was in three cities in six days and his head is just pounding and he is not ready for dinner party yet. She tells him that she already got a sitter and he wants to cancel her. He just wants to spend a night with his favorite girl and she tells him that she was looking so forward to the dinner party. He tells her that he is just beat and that she doesn't even remember how it is like to work sixty hour a week.

Bree tells Rex about the dinner party and he asks if he has to go. She tells him that they are the host family so it will be appropriate. She tells him that he won't drink at this party because when he drinks he gets chatty and nobody has to know that they are seeing Albert Goldfine. The nurses may start to wonder why is Rex disappearing three times a week and she covered that so that it looks like they are going to tennis lessons. Bree prepared a lunch pack for Rex. Rex asks her how are they doing with tennis and she tells him that her backhand is improving immensely but he is still having problems with his serve.

Susan is talking to Karl, her ex husband, and tells him about the dinner party and that Julie will have to stay an extra night because of that. Karl tells her that he and Brandi, his secretary, are going on Sunday to the cabin. Susan is mad because he can afford cabin but he can't scribe up a child support. He tells her that it is in the mailbox and she opens it and it is empty. Julie comes out of the house and tells them that she is ready and tells them not to fight anymore. Susan tells her that they are being as good to one another as possible. They are ready to go and Brandi throws her can (she finished her bear or whatever) into the trash can and missed it. Susan asks her if she minds throwing it in the trash can. Brandi goes to pick it up but Karl tells Susan that she is right there she can pick it up and throws it in the trash. Susan says that she could but Brandi is the one who threw it. Karl tells Brandi that she will pick up the damn can. She tells Susan as he approach, that this is to typical of her and petulant. He gets near the can and Susan kicks it and it hits Karl. He tells her to pick it up herself and she tells him to go to hell and kicks the can away. Can slides to Mike Delfino who has been watching the quarrel this whole time and asks Susan if she wants him to pick it up.

Zack and Paul are having breakfast. He tells Paul that Mrs. Warmington told him that she couldn't find Mary Alice's obituary in the papers. He asks Paul if he even put one in. Paul tells him that he was busy. Zack asks him how he could not do that people would think that they didn't care about her. Paul tells him that people won't pay much attention to that and tells him not to worry. Zack is angry because he never talks about her, it has been almost a month since she died and he is acting like she never existed. Paul tells him that it is too early for that kind of talk. Zack tells him that when he dies he won't put the obituary in the paper. Paul tells him that that would be hic choice to make assuming he outlives him.

Gabrielle is talking on the phone with her mother about baptism and how they need to go to church because of Aunt Maria. John comes from his jogging all sweaty and Gabrielle tells him to take off his clothes. She tells her mom that she needs to go right now and that she will give her information later. She asks John how was in school and he tells her that he got A- from biology and she tells him to show her what he learned. They started kissing but Gabrielle is in shock because little girl is looking through the glass on her door and saw them. Gabrielle goes to open the door but little girl runs away.

Lynette asks Susan if Mike said anything and Susan tells her that he didn't but there was that look on his face. Lynette tells her that it is no big deal because he is coming to the party. Susan tells him that she left three messages but he didn't answer so she is assuming that he is not coming. She hates when she is near Karl because she turns into that monster. Lynette tells her that it won't change until she resolves issues with Karl. Susan can't forgive him because she thinks that she would be lonely without that bitterness.

Lynette opened one mail and it is full of pictures from Tom's business trip and she is completely mad.

Tom tells her that that was a business party and Lynette points out that it is a frat party because of the margarita, cigar, sombrero.(On the picture Tom, the head of sales, is with corporate manager and regional manager at some Mexican restaurant wearing those big hats and drinking from massive glasses). He tells her that he can't be in the hotel the whole time and she tells him that it is fine but when she tells him that they were invited to the party he shouldn't be whining about exhausting sixty hour week. Tom tells her that they will go to the party but Lynette tells him that she cancelled the nanny. Tom tells her that they will throw the next one and she tells him that she doesn't even have time to wash her face. Lynette tells him that she will go to this party and he can stay home and baby sits the kids. He tells her that he can handle it. (He is trying to open one ice cream pack but he doesn't know how and Lynette opens it immediately)

"Gabrielle spent the morning searching for the mysterious little girl. Sadly for her the mystery was solved a bit too quickly." She comes home and Carlos is talking with the girl. Gabrielle goes to Carlos and he asks her if she met Ashley. She doesn't know what to say and then Ashley's mother comes out and tells her that her daughter kicked the ball into their backyard. She introduces herself and her name is Sheila Bukowski and they just moved in to Miller's old house. Gabrielle tells Ashley that it was nice meeting her but she just stares at her and says nothing. Her mother explains that she is shy and she doesn't say much but Carlos says that he can see that her mind is fully working.

Zack goes to the garage to sort out some boxes and finds the box with the gun Mary Alice used to kill herself.

Bree and Rex are at the counseling and Albert tells her that they need private sessions because it allows him to work on the personal issues of the both partners. Bree tells him that she doesn't need a private sessions because she doesn't have any issues. Her only issue is that her husband wants to leave her and how can she work on that if he is not in the room. Rex tells her that there are some things that he needs to discuss with Albert. She tells him that she is his wife and he can say anything in front of her and she thinks that they just need a few more session. Rex tells her that a few more sessions is not going to fix the problem because this is bigger then that. Albert tells them that Rex will take the first half an hour and Bree can take the second half an hour. Bree tells Albert that if Rex wants to discuss anything that has prostitution, adultery or internet pornography in it she wants him to take a moral hard line.

Gabrielle walks to Ashley who is drawing with chalk something on the concrete. Gabrielle asks her if they are flamingos and she tells her that they are not. Gabrielle tells her that they are pretty anyway and it almost looks like they are kissing. She tells her that husband and wives are not the only one who kisses, sometimes we kiss out mom or our grandpa, sometimes we kiss our dog and sometimes we kiss people who are just our friends. Ashley is paying no attention and the Gabrielle tells her that she was at the mall and saw this beautiful doll and her name is princess Kahalua and she is Hawaiian and that means little waterfall or big pond or something. Ashley is not saying the word. Gabrielle tells her that they are OK and if there is anything she wants she can let Gabrielle know. Ashley tells Gabrielle that she would really like a bike.

Paul is in the kitchen and hears something. Paul turns on the lights and sees Zack playing with the gun Mary Alice used to kill herself. He asks Paul why he would keep it. Paul tells him that they need it for protection. Zack tells him that they are going to talk about mom now and Paul tells him that he needs to take his medications. Someone is knocking on the door. Zack gives Paul a sign to keep quiet. Zack opens the door and Bree is there. Bree tells him that she hopes that this is not the bad time.

Bree tells Zack that she wants to invite him and Paul to a dinner party tomorrow night. Zack tells her that he doesn't know where his father is. Bree tells him that she is not sure if they are ready for any social engagement yet but she tells him that she is throwing this dinner in honor to Mary Alice. She tells him that they are going to talk and remember all the funny things about his mother. Zack is sad and almost cries and when Bree asks him if he is OK Paul approaches. Bree tells him what they were talking and Paul tells her that he heard and that they already have plans for tomorrow night. Paul puts his hand on the gun in Zack's hand (it is behind their backs so Bree can't see). Bree is about to leave and Zack tells her thank you for remembering his mother.

"That night Paul gave his son something to calm his nerves and the next day Gabrielle calmed her own nerves by giving something to her new best friend".

Gabrielle bought Ashley a bike. She tells her all the best details about the bike and tells her that the blue helmet will match her pretty blue eyes and Ashley tells her that her eyes are green, but Gabrielle tells her that she will be driving so fast that no one will notice. Gabrielle tells her that it is all hers and is ready to leave but asks Ashley what is wrong and she tells her that she doesn't know how to drive it. Gabrielle is mad that she asked for one and she asks her why she can't show her. Gabrielle tells her that she will in the next days and Ashley asks what is wrong with now.

"After her talk with Lynette, Susan decided to take a look at her old photo album and she began to see herself in a whole new light." (In every picture where Karl is supposed to be his head is ripped off) and the picture wasn't flattering. She takes a phone and calls Karl but he is not home and she leaves him a message and tells him that when he drops off Julie tomorrow that they need to talk about something very important. She gives her best to Brandi.

"Susan was proud of herself. She was finally ready to let go of her anger." Susan takes Karl's head picture that she cut of from other photos. "Well almost" She squeezes it.

Lynette gives Tom instructions about the kids and tells him that the toaster needs half an hour to prepare and if he is late with food god help him. Tom tells her that he can handle it and they are just kids for god sake. Lynette calls Preston and asks him about the cookies and she tells her that they can't eat after five because sugar makes them hyper. Lynette gives him the cookies and tells him that tonight everything counts and tells him to share with his brothers.

Gabrielle is in the high heels and is running because she is teaching Ashley how to drive a bike. She tells her not to look at her feet but to look at the road. She tells her to find a balance and lets her go. Ashley is driving but she is going towards the parked car. She hits it but she is OK and she wants to do it again. Gabrielle tells her that she is exhausted and Ashley wants to do it tomorrow. Gabrielle tells her that she will be at the school. Ashley tells her that she is home schooled and that she is always around.

"It was in that moment that Gabrielle realized this ride was far from over."

Karl is ringing the door bell at Susan's house. She opened the door and tells him that she told him to come tomorrow because she is preparing for Bree's party and she is in a towel. Karl tells her that they were married for 14 years and he knows what is underneath it. Susan tells him that she is not ready now because she wanted to have a whole speech prepared. Karl tells her that he and Brandi have plans tomorrow so it would be best if she tells him everything now. She tells him that she had been thinking about what happened in the driveway yesterday and she doesn't want to be that person anymore and she needs an apology. Karl is shocked. She tells him that she needs an apology because of the way he ended their marriage and for his behavior. He tells her that he fell in love and Susan tells him that he was married to her. He explains her that the heart wants what it wants and Susan tells him that her heart wants to hurt him but she can control herself. He tells her that he doesn't want to go back to that ugly place and if she does she should better get some help. He starts to walk away and goes to his car. She is following him and tells him that she doesn't need an apology because people think that he is the scum not her and she can walk down the street holding her head high. She slams the car doors and her towel stuck as she closed them and when Karl drove away he ripped the towel and Susan remained completely naked. She goes back to her house but the door is locked. She grabs some plants to cover herself a little bit.

"As the sun slowly settled on Wisteria Lane an unsettled Susan racked her brain to find a way into her own house." She holds the plants and goes to the back door but they are also shut. She tries to open a window and she slips and falls in the bushes.

"Lying naked in her shrubs it occurred to Susan this could be the most humiliating moment of her life." Mike comes and sees her. "She was wrong." She tells him that she locked herself out naked and then she fell. He tells her that he had been gone all day and he got her messages and he would love to come and to dress casual.

Susan and Mike come to Bree's house and she thanks him for helping her break in. He tells makes fun of her and she tells him that what happened to her if funny in theory but she is not ready to laugh about it so she tells him not to make fun of her. Bree opens the door and asks them where they have been and Mike tells her that Susan had problem finding something to wear.

Lynette is on the phone and Tom tells her that kids are bouncing of the walls and Lynette tells him to find a way to put them in bed, for god sake they are just kids.

Gabrielle pushed herself too much on her high heels and now she has pain walk and Susan asks her what's wrong and Gabrielle tells her that she went jogging today and maybe pushed herself to hard and Susan tells her to change shoes.

Rex and Carlos are talking and Carlos is interested in tennis lessons. Carlos wants to do that exercise again and he wants Rex to give him a phone number. Rex tells him the truth that they are not going to the tennis lessons but that they are going to the counseling. Bree heard him and she dropped the plate with food and takes the vine from Rex. Rex tells everyone that they are in marriage counseling. He asks Bree if the sky fall and if her life came crushing down. Everyone knows their secret now and it is just fine. Bree turns to them and puts on her smile and tells them to take their seats.

Zack is on his pills and now is fast asleep and Paul comes to see how he is doing. TV is on and on the news there is reports about the chest Paul had thrown into the lake and in the chest human remains were found. Paul turns off the TV and leaves the room. Zack opens his eyes. He heard everything.

Everyone is having dinner and it is deadly quiet. Susan breaks the ice and tells them about the naked thing and everyone is laughing. Lynette tells them that she and Tom got thrown out of Disneyland because of bed behavior. Gabrielle tells them that she and Carlos broke the waterbed in Cancoon because she was wearing high heels. Everyone is laughing and just when it seemed that everything turned to normal Bree tells them that Rex cries after he ejaculates. Rex leaves the house.

Mike is with Susan and he thinks they left too early and she thinks they left too late. Susan tells him that they were always little bit tight and she never saw them like that. Mike makes fun of the can incident and she tells him that she turns in that kind of monster only when Karl is around. Mike thinks that he did her a big favor. Maybe that was just a preparation for something much bigger. She thanks him for being a perfect gentleman and helping her when she was naked. He tells her that he had snuck a peak sometimes. She is surprised and goes home and he tells her that she is wow.

Lynette wakes up Tom and he tells her that they are raising little terrorists and Porter told him that she gave them cookies. Lynette tells him that it was a dinner but it wasn't a party. He tells him about Rex's announcement and Bree's shocking revelation and how Rex stormed out at the end and Tom tells her that he is not surprised because he always had the idea that they were never really happy. Lynette goes to kitchen and asks him if they are happy.

Rex and Gabrielle are preparing for bed. Rex says that he keeps remembering the look on Rex's face and that he would cry too if he had to have sex with Bree and if woman humiliated him like that it would only happen once.

Bree packed the suitcase for Rex and he is staying at the motel. She gives him advices about better motels and Rex asks her what she is going to tell the kids and she makes a joke that she will tell them that he is in tennis camp but he didn't laugh. Rex starts to leave and Bree tells him that in college everyone was jealous of them and they were meant to have the perfect life. She asks him why this is happening. Rex tells her that she won't even let him pack his own suitcase and leaves.

Karl dropped of Julie and Susan goes to the car and she tells Brandi that she is sorry for the way she treated her and that she built up a lot of anger towards them and she can't live with that anymore and so apology or without it she is moving on. She goes to her house but Brandi walks up to her and tells her that the thing with Karl got out of hand because she thought that their marriage was over and she tells her that she is really sorry.

"And though it came from an unexpected source Susan finally got the apology she'd always wanted."

Tom is wearing the big Mexican hat and tells Lynette that kids are watching the video and they have 45 minutes until they actually find Nemo. Lynette tells him that he is reliving the night out with the guys and he tells her that he is trying. They start to dance and she tells him that it is going to take more then this one night and he knows. Tom tells her that they have an audience (kids are watching). Lynette doesn't mind as long as they don't try to interrupt.

Bree comes to Albert and he tells her that they don't have scheduled today and she tells him that she just needs a little time because he knows more about the problem then she does. If he would just tell her what Rex told him and he tells her that it is unethical. The next patient is here and he will ask him if he can wait so that he finishes with Bree. Bree opens the drawer with tapes of all his clients.

"Bree searched for Rex's audiotape hoping to find answers. She found answers all right but to entirely different question." Bree found the tape of Mary Alice Young. Albert returns and tells her that his client can't wait and Bree apologizes for taking his time and she leaves.

"Yes I remember the world…every detail. And what I remember the most is how afraid I was. What a waste. (Bree is sitting in her bedroom and hears strange noise and looks through the window). You see, to live in fear is not to live at all. I wish I could tell this to those I left behind (Gabrielle is in her bed and she is also attracted by the strange noise and looks through the window). But would it do any good? Probably not. I understand now…there will always be those who face their fears (Susan also hears the noise and looks through the window)…and there will always be those who run away."

Paul is putting the on sale sign in front of his house.

Trivia Edit

  • Although credited, Edie Britt (Nicollette Sheridan) does not appear in this episode.
  • The episode title Pretty Little Picture is a song from the Stephen Sondheim stage musical, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

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