Nora Huntington
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Former Diner Waitress
Kayla Huntington – Daughter
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I want my kid, Lynette! KAYLA!! KAYLA, COME OUT HERE NOW!!

Lynette first mistook Nora for Tom's mistress, but she turned out to be a one-night stand from before he knew Lynette. Nora ended up getting pregnant and giving birth to Tom's daughter, Kayla. Lynette and Nora clashed instantly due to Nora throwing child support papers in their faces. Tom and Lynette decide to pay her off in order for her to go away, but she uses the money to buy a house near the Scavos. Lynette hooks her up with Carlos Solis so that she has a boyfriend and leaves her family alone, and the two click instantly. However, they are soon caught by Carlos's wife, Gabrielle, who blames Lynette for bringing them together. When Tom decides to open a pizza parlor and Lynette doesn't fully support him, Nora makes a move. When Tom tells Lynette, she goes over to Nora's home, kicks the door open and threatens to break Nora's spine should she ever try to make a move on Tom again. Nora decides to move to Mexico as revenge, prompting Lynette to fight for full custody.

Later, Nora and Lynette find each other in a supermarket and start arguing, but are stopped by Carolyn Bigsby, who is after vengeance on her husband, the store manager, for cheating on her. Carolyn takes everybody hostage, including Lynette and Nora. They try to escape but get caught. Nora tries to get into an argument with Lynette. Lynette asks her to shut up 4 different times so they don't draw Carolyn's attention. Nora does draw Carolyn's attention and says that Lynette wants to take her child away and Lynette defends herself when Carolyn gives her a look that was almost as deadly her gun and tells Carolyn that Nora made a move on Tom. This comment makes Carolyn shoot Nora in the chest. Lynette and Art Shephard try to save her, but Nora was mortally wounded. Before she died, she asked Lynette to take care of Kayla, Lynette promises to do so and raise Kayla like she is her own. Nora then rests her head down and dies. Carolyn is killed moments later after a fight with the hostages, where Maya manages to grab her gun and shoot her.

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