Maisy Gibbons
Maisy Gibbons
General Information
Currently icarcerated
Former prostitute
Marital status:
Harold Gibbons (husband)
unnamed children
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Maisy Gibbons is a married mother who was found to be selling sex to various men around the neighbourhood, including Rex Van de Kamp.


Season OneEdit

Maisy was first introduced in "Running to Stand Still" were she was shown to be the alpha mom leading the other Mom's in preparation for the school's rendition of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Maisy and Lynette quickly began to dispute over the ending, in which she felt it was too graphic for kids, where as Lynette would rather keep the original.

It wasn't until Lynette began taking up more tasks in which she got a say in the play and was able to stand up to Maisy. The other Mother's agreed with Lynette and in retaliation Maisy became more demanding with Lynette even threatening to take the twins out from the play. In the end thanks to ADD medication Lynette overcomes her tasks and triumphs over Mrs. Gibbons.

However this wasn't the last we've seen of Maisy, it is later revealed that she is a high-class prostitute to Fairview. One of her regular customers is in fact Rex Van de Kamp, and he has her act as a dominatrix. In one of their sessions Rex succumbs to a heart attack and it is Maisy who calls the hospital. Bree later finds this out and confronts Maisy telling her that she is pitiful. This visibly upsets Maisy.

Soon after Maisy is publicly arrested and humiliated and word gets out that she kept a little black book of all her clients. When Bree gets wind of this she pays a visit to Maisy in jail. Maisy however reminds Bree of how she was snubbed by her when her husband Harold lost his job, and because of this she will not hold back Rex's name.

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