Lucia Marquez
General Information
Gabrielle Solis (daughter)
Carlos Solis (son-in-law)
Victor Lang (son-in-law)
Celia Solis (granddaughter)
Juanita Solis (granddaughter)
Maria (sister)
Lily (mother)
Mr. Marquez (ex/deceased)
Alejandro (divorced)
Series Information
First appearance:
Last appearance:

Lucia Marquez is portrayed by Maria Conchita Alonso.


Gabrielle's mother. Lucia shows up very much to Gabrielle's suprise, her reason being that she was left by her boyfriend and needed a place to stay. When Gabrielle finds out she may not be able to concieve children due to the injuries she sustained by falling down the stairs, it is Lucia who offers to be their surrogate. Carlos accepts the idea while Gabrielle seems reluctant.

The next day Gabrielle drops Lucia off at a hotel telling her to leave her alone and then drives off abandoning her. Carlos tries to reconcile the estranged Mother and Daughter but it does no good as Lucia is still in denial over what accured between Gabby and Lucia's boyfriend. Lucia has not been seen or heard from since.

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