John Rowland
General Information
Former Gardener
Helen Rowland – Mother
Bob Rowland – Father
Tammy Sinclair – Ex-Wife
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S1, S2, S3, S4, S6
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Just so you know, you beat up the wrong guy. Didn't you think it was strange that you had the only lawn on Wisteria Lane that needed to be mowed three times a week?

John Rowland was employed by Carlos and Gabrielle as a gardener. Gabrielle, having become bored with her husband never being with her, decided to seduce her teenage gardener. The pair embarked on an illicit affair which encountered several difficulties.

Biography Edit

Season OneEdit

The most prolific of John's difficulties includes Gabrielle's mother in law, Juanita, who is introduced in episode 1.05 ("Come In, Stranger"). However, Juanita was hit by a car driven by Andrew Van De Kamp after discovering the affair in episode 1.07 ("Anything You Can Do"). The hit and run placed Juanita into a coma. John became overwhelmed with guilt and went to confession before the following episode ("Guilty"). However, he became entranced once again by Gabrielle and may have conceived her unborn child. He found out about this in episode 1.21 ("Sunday in the Park with George") and started "freaking out". He demanded to see Mr. Solis but Gabrielle refused.

Instead, John arrived at Carlos's gay hate trial in episode 1.23 ("One Wonderful Day") and told him "he got the wrong guys". "Didn't you think it was strange that you had the only lawn on Wisteria Lane that needed to be mowed three times a week?", he said. Carlos went mad and attempted to attack John but it looked like he was attacking Justin - the gay person he beat up previously. After what happened at the court Gabrielle breaks up with him.

Season TwoEdit

In season 2, John's mother, Helen Rowland worked at the adoption agency where Gabrielle and Carlos were planning to adopt Lily. Helen used her job for revenge over her son and got Lily taken away from the Solises.

Season ThreeEdit

John looks for new housewives to seduce. According to his dialogue in episode 3.03 ("A Weekend in the Country"), he is doing well and is very rich and successful with his gardening company. He was engaged to the daughter of the Sinclair Hotel owner, Tammy Sinclair. About half a year later, in episode 3.17 ("Dress Big") Gabrielle tells Edie Britt that John is married.

Season FourEdit

A few months later he met Gabrielle at a hotel owned by his father-in-law and realised that he still loved her. He constantly fights with his wife over the fact that she wants to lead his life. He tries to get back with Gabrielle but she refuses because his wife is pregnant and she is with Carlos. Carlos, who overhears this, soon realizes he is not unlike John used to be and finally forgives him. John then asks if he thinks Gabrielle is happy, and Carlos tells him that she is.

Season SixEdit

John appeared in Season 6 as a successful restaurant owner. Gaby and Carlos find out about his success when they are dining and discover that it he is the owner. Ana, Gaby's niece, is immediately attracted to him, and takes a job at his restaurant as a waitress. Gaby discovers condoms in Ana's room, knowing that she plans to sleep with him. Ana tells Gaby she is in love with John, and Gaby can't deal with this. Gaby goes over to the restaurant to warn John off Ana, and John reveals that he knows Gaby has feelings for him. When John makes a pass at Gaby, Ana runs off shocked. Later, Gaby confesses to Ana about their previous affair, saying that she has no feelings for John. She explains that John only used Ana her to get back at Gaby, and begs her not tell Carlos. Ana doesn't and decides to quit her job. That night, Gaby tells Carlos that she is happy with her life, everything is good, implying that John has no chance of having her. This is proven when John receives a picture of him and Gaby years ago, split in the middle, indicating that she will never get back with him.

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