Desperate Housewives
Season 3, Episode 2
Air date October 1, 2006
Written by Kevin Murphy
Jenna Bans
Directed by David Grossman
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"Listen to the Rain on the Roof"
"A Weekend in the Country"

Plot Edit

Bree is preparing for the wedding. Susan gives her a tip about a shorter dress, Lynette about invitations and Gabrielle about the music. Everyone has a job except for Susan. Susan wants to talk Bree out of marrying Orson. Susan says that she can’t watch Bree makes the worst mistake of her life and when Bree asks “What would that be” Susan just answers that their dresses are hideous.

Gabrielle and Carlos are fighting at their divorce lawyer’s office but lawyer says to them that when the baby comes, divorced or not, they will be bounded together for as long as they live.

Nora goes with Turk, her new boyfriend, out of town but Tom is freaking out when he sees him because he has tattoos all over his body but Lynette is good with it as long as it will keep Nora away from them.

Susan is having a dinner with Ian but his wife’s parents come and it looks completely awkward. Susan presents herself as Dr. Susan Mayer, new to Jane’s neurology team. But then Ian’s father in low asks her about Jane’s condition and Susan starts to explain something but then she pretends that her mobile is ringing and she faked the conversation so she had to rush for a surgery because one of hers patients brain shut off.

Bree moved the furniture so she can practice her dance with Orson again. She tells him that she completely believes him.

Police dug up the body. Cause of death was a head injury. The body was covered in clay which prevented body from decomposing. They will have to use a DNA to identify the person because when she was killed someone pulled out all of her teeth.

Nora is crying in front of Lynette house. It seems like she broke up with her boyfriend because he called her a whore and he threatened to hit her. Lynette is trying to makes things right but Nora says that it is definitely over.

Edie hears a noise … someone is breaking into her house and it turns out to be her nephew Austen.

Austen says to her that his mom returned from the journey with new boobs and her twenty four year old boyfriend. Austen kicked his ass and visited his aunt. He is planning to go to Mexico but Edie says to him that he will stay with her until they make things right.

Gabrielle is saying to Xiao Mei to return to bed because she is on the bed rest. Carlos stops by and returns Gaby his mother pearl necklace. In return Gaby invites him to Bree’s wedding and she gives him a kiss and says “The things I do for jewelry”.

Ian comes to Susan, who is with Mike, and apologies for dinner accident. Susan confesses to him that she has been feeling guilty and he has been feeling the same way too, because the both feel like they are cheating on their coma loves. Ian thinks of Susan more of a friend but Susan says if they can’t be friends they will be nothing.

Julie is pissed off because of the loud music. She goes to Edie’s lawn and turns it down and she sees Austen, and she is turned on a little bit. He makes fun of her for studying on Saturday morning and she just says to him that he is not that hot.

Lynette is making a sitting order for Bree’s wedding. She invited Nora because she wants her to find a new boyfriend.

Susan goes to take mail from her mailbox and sees Orson trying to take off a rope from they car and he looses nerves too fast. Then she goes to bank where Carolyn Bigsby works and asks her about Alma. She says to Susan that Orson, after Alma disappeared, completely cleaned the house. It was like Alma never existed. “Who cleans a house like that unless he has something to hide?” Carolyn asks Susan.

Susan tells to Lynette and Gabrielle that Orson was the only suspect because her body was never found.

They try to talk Bree out of the wedding but she is not falling for silly talks.

Bree and Orson are at the altar but before they exchange their promises Bree asks him if he killed his wife. Orson is shocked that Bree could possibly think such thing.

Everybody is celebrating.

Nora is pissed off because all of the single men are losers so she will stay with Lynette.

Gabrielle is fixing Carlos’ tie.

Edie comes in with her nephew Austen and asks Julie if she met him already. Susan says to Edie “Nice party!” and Edie answers “It was”, because she is still bitter at Susan.

Susan comes to Gabrielle and Carlos and asks them if they are getting back together, Gabrielle says “God NO!” but Carlos says maybe.

He tells Gabrielle that her fixing his tie was a sing of love but then she ruins it completely as a sing that they will never be together ever.

Susan sees Ian at the weeding party and she asks him who invited him. He is a bad liar because he can’t stop thinking about her.

Gabrielle wants to make Carlos jealous so she finds a gay waiter and starts flirting with him.

Carlos comes near the bar and asks for tequila and wonders if there are any normal single women around. Lynette meets him with Nora.

Tom announces Bree and Orson’s first dance. Orson is mad that Bree asked him about Alma.

Carlos and Nora are all into each other. Gabrielle is pissed off and asks Nora who she is and Nora said that Lynette brought them together and Gabrielle will talk with Lynette later but then she attacks Carlos and he is drunk and mad and destroys her necklace pearl. They start to collect the pearls but Xiao Mei enters and her water broke all over the flour. It is time.

Before they continue dancing Ian wants to tell a couple of words to Susan, she answers back and he tells her again how she feels about her… then everyone continues to dance.

Lynette visits Gabrielle at the hospital who is still mad at her. Lynette says to her that she is desperate and her marriage is ruined because of Nora but Gabrielle tells her that somebody are meant to be together so Lynette don’t have to worry about anything.

Detectives come at Bree’s wedding looking for both Bree and Orson so they could identify the Jane Doe at the morgue.

Baby is finally brought to life but it turns out to be an African American baby.

It turns out that wrong embryo was inserted into Xiao Mei and their embryo was inserted into another woman but she didn’t get pregnant.

Bree and Orson are at the morgue and Jane Doe is not Alma, but then Carolyn walks in and she also says that it is not Alma. She is still trying to talk Bree out of the marriage but Bree is certain that Orson is completely innocent. On the way out Orson whispers on French “I miss you Monique”,

Carlos drives Gabrielle back home and says that the divorce will be easier now without the baby.

Mary Alice says at the end “Have you met the perfect couple? Two soul mates whose love never dies, two lovers whose relationship is never threatened, the husband and wife who trust each other completely?”

Susan and Ian are dancing alone, and slowly falling in love.

Quotes: Edit

Mary Alice: "Brides are sensitive creatures. And no one knows this better than the bridesmaids who have to deal with them. But the one area where bridesmaids' tact is most required involves the dress she's required to wear. Yes, a bridesmaid can question many of the bride's choices, but the groom isn't one of them."

Gabrielle: "You heard me. And I want the bedroom stereo. want the marble console and that painting of Saint Augustine."

Carlos: "You don't even know who he is!"

Gabrielle: "I know he matches the drapes!"

Gabrielle: "Stop eating my fries!"

Carlos: "I'm hungry."

Gabrielle: "You know what the doctor said." (to Mr. Portsmith) "You should see his cholesterol. This man bleeds bacon grease."

Mr. Portsmith: "Enough! You two are gonna have to find a way to deal with each other because you are about to bring a child into this world. And divorced or not, once that child arrives, you will be bound together for as long as you live."

Gabrielle: "Well, in that case, have some more fries."

Nora: "I'm like, whoa, get a load of Mr. Two Strikes trying to tell me how to act in public. And then he called me a whore! We're done."

Lynette: "Okay, whoa, whoa, take a deep breath. You don't wanna break up with a guy because, in a weak moment, he calls you a whore."

Nora: "And then on the way out, he threatened to hit me."

Lynette: "Okay, but he didn't, he didn't, and you know until..."

Nora: "Oh jeez, Lynette, whose side are you on?"

Lynette: "I'm on the side of love. You guys seem like such a perfect couple."

Nora: "I know."

Lynette: "I just, I, I, you know, you don't wanna throw that all away 'cause of a little fight with no hitting."

Edie: "Oh, wait. You're eighteen, right?"

Austin: "Well, that's what my ID says."

Edie: "Yeah, mine too."

Austin: "What, you're not a music fan?"

Julie: "Sure, it's just, um, got anything where a pimp isn't beating his ho."

Bree: "He did not hack her up and dissolve the pieces in acid."

Gabrielle: "I said it was a theory."

Mary Alice: "Have you met the perfect couple? The two soul mates whose love never dies? The two lovers whose relationship is never threatened. The husband and wife who trust each other completely. If you haven't met the perfect couple, let me introduce you. They stand atop a layer of butter cream frosting. The secret of their success? Well, for starters, they don't have to look at each other."