Desperate Housewives
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date November 28, 2004
Written by Kevin Murphy
Directed by Fred Gerber
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"Anything You Can Do"
"Suspicious Minds"

"Guilty" was the 8th episode of Season 1. It originally aired in the United States on Sunday November 28, 2004.

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Shortly after Juanita's car accident (due to Andrew's drunk driving), Bree Van de Kamp tries to find a solution in order to save her son from life in prison and Mama is left in a coma. When Bree asks her son if he learns from John that he went to confession shortly after Juanita's accident and recommends that she do the same. Gabrielle Solis talks to the priest and he tells her that she should regret what she had done, but she says she doesn’t because all she wants is to be happy. The priest tells her that, that is a selfish answer. She says that she already knows that and she leaves. As a small act of gratitude, Gabrielle Solis quietly helps Carlos give Mama a sponge bath. Mr. Shaw decides to execute Paul's wishes but when he finds out from Edie that the stationary was not hers but Mrs. Huber's, the story changes completely. Paul ask Mrs. Huber an explanation because of the blackmail note she wrote. She says that she needed money and she had thought of asking it to a bad person: Mary Alice, and she sometimes prays for her. Paul asks her if she regrets it, because Mary Alice committed suicide. She says that Mary Alice Young was a bad person and says that a terrible thing happened because of what she did to that kid. Paul gets very mad and he murders her. Meanwhile Susan and Mike make peace.

Trivia Edit

  • Brenda Strong (Mary Alice Young) is seen in this episode.
  • "The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)" by Harpers Bizarre and Simon & Garfunkel is played during Lynette's disturbing "suicide" dream.
  • The episode title Guilty is taken from a song by Barry Gibb of the same name.

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