Dr. Ron McCready
Dr. Ron McCready
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Surgeon at Sacred Heart Hospital
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Dr. Ron McCraedy was portrayed by Jay Harrington.


A surgeon at Sacred Heart Hospital, Ron has become Susan's love interest midway through the second season, despite a somewhat clumsy beginning to their relationship. A difference in age between the two has been shown as a possible issue. (In reality, Jay Harrington, the actor portraying the character, is slightly less than 7 years younger than Teri Hatcher.) They date anyway. When he begins to perform Susan's splenectomy, he tells her that he loves her. Susan responds by saying "Aww, that's so sweet. I love Mike." At that moment, Nurse Heisel tells him about her marriage with Karl. Susan tells Ron she was probably just hallucinating about a guy that didn't exist, and that she just married Karl for health insurance. The second part was true. Their relationship goes smoothly until Karl makes a clog and tells Mike to come over, as a plan to break up Susan and Ron. After Ron finds out she was lying, he broke up with her and told Edie about their marriage.

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