Carolyn Bigsby
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Former Sunday School Teacher
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Well, maybe you deserved to be cheated on!
Lynette Scavo

Carolyn Bigsby was Orson's former nosy neighbor and Alma Hodge's best friend. Carolyn (very much like Bree) saw her life as perfect and would do almost anything to keep it that way. Known as a gossip and a trouble maker, Carolyn's temper often got the better of her, which eventually lead to her downfall.


Season ThreeEdit

She caught Orson thoroughly cleaning the house, and after learning that Alma was missing after she left Orson, she became suspicious that Orson killed Alma. Carolyn warned Bree about him, but Bree married him anyway. Carolyn pressed further, showing Bree pictures of a bruised up Alma, and police reports where Alma claimed Orson beat her. When she kept nagging Bree about leaving Orson, Bree retaliated by telling her about Harvey Bigsby's affair with Monique Polier. Carolyn then went to Harvey's store to kill him, but failed and panics about the rest of the customers in the store. She has to keep reminding Nora Huntington and Lynette to stop talking, Nora points out that Lynette is trying to "steal" her daughter, Kayla, Carolyn then looks at Lynette disgusted, Lynette tries to explain hers and Nora's difficult relationship and mentions that Nora tried to seduce her husband Tom. When Carolyn hears that she shoots Nora in the chest, shocking the rest of the hostages and Lynette. Carolyn then asked Lynette not to look at her that way as she knew she wanted Nora dead, Lynette becomes disgusted and says to Carolyn that she deserved to be cheated on. Angry, Carolyn raised the gun and tried to shoot Lynette in the chest, but Art Shephard, the new neighbor, threw a can at Carolyn's head, causing her to fall over, drop the gun and just shoot Lynette in the shoulder. Carolyn raced back to get the gun and as she wrestled with Austin McCann to get the gun back, Maya, another hostage, picked up the gun and shot Carolyn in the head, killing her instantly.

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