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Caleb Applewhite
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Before the Applewhites moved to Fairview, Matthew was dating a young woman named Melanie Foster. He tried to break up with her, but she wouldn't let go. Melanie asked Matthew to meet at the Lumberjack warehouse garden, but Caleb turned up first and told Melanie that he loved her. However, she laughed in his face, thinking that it was a joke. However, when Caleb then tries to kiss her, she realises that he is serious, before slapping him and hitting him with a pole. Caleb got scared and, after a struggle, hit her with it over the head. Melanie fell, and, thinking that he killed her, Caleb flees. Matthew returned later and told Melanie, who was still alive, that Caleb didn't mean to do what he did but Melanie tells him unless they get back together, she's going to the police, Matthew begged Melanie not to say anything, but she walks away. He hit her with the pole three times, which killed the young woman, and he placed his jacket on her.

Season Two Edit

Matthew and Betty locked Caleb in the basement as punishment for Melanie's death but neither Betty nor Caleb knew that Matthew was the real killer. Matthew started dating Danielle Van De Kamp, which her mother Bree Van De Kamp is not happy about. Matthew and Danielle created a plan to get Caleb out of the way and put into a home by Matthew telling Caleb that Danielle liked him and she wanted to kiss him; Caleb did so but Danielle freaked and Bree entered with her gun. Betty then decides to kill Caleb peacefully with poisoned ice cream but when Caleb tells Betty that Matthew said he should go to Danielle's room she did not kill Caleb but instead locked Matthew in the basement. Caleb and Betty leave Wisteria Lane after Matthew's death.

Actor ControversyEdit

This role was originally played by Page Kennedy. However, for reasons unknown, Kennedy was sacked, though reports at the time stated it was for lewd behaviour. Kennedy denied this, saying that Touchstone Television wanted to take the character in a new direction. The character was then played by Nashawn Kearse.


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