Desperate Housewives
Season 3, Episode 03
Air date October 8, 2006
Written by Bob Daily
Directed by Wendy Stanzler
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"It Takes Two"
"Like It Was"

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Orson is with Bree at the airport planning a perfect Honeymoon. Bree tells him to buy coffee because there is only 15 minutes before the plane. He goes to buy them and Bree sees something on the TV. Andrew is on the news as one of the homeless teenagers. Bree is canceling it all and goes to find Andrew. Orson realize that honeymoon is over in more then one way.

It is a holiday weekend at Wisteria Lane and everyone is packing hoping to get away from all of it.

Lynette is running away from growing tension in her marriage and she is mad at Tom because they are slowly running out of money and he barely looks for a job.

Gabrielle was getting away from bitter divorce. Lynette is going with her.

Susan is calling the hospital and giving them her number in case Mike wakes up. She is going away with Ian. She is running away from guilt as she still feels like she is cheating on Mike.

Bree is trying to find where Andrew is. Danielle is mad at Bree because it is all her fault. Bree confesses to Orson that she left him on the side of the road because he was destroying her life. Bree and Orson go together to find Andrew and Danielle says that her boyfriend got shot right in front of her. Bree promises to Orson that she will tell him everything in the car.

Lynette is with Gabrielle on a spa vacation and they are having a massage. Tom calls Gabrielle on her mobile phone and she gives it to Lynette. Tom says that he has a back problem and he can’t control the kids and now he can’t even move. Lynette needs to get him and she will be there as soon as she can.

Susan is with Ian. They came to their mountain house. Susan goes upstairs to unpack but she got Ian’s suitcase and it is full of condoms while she got hers and it is full of sexy lingerie. They exchange the suitcases and hide pathetically in their rooms.

Lynette returned home for a car so she can pick up Tom but Nora is there waiting for her and she wants to go with Lynette too. Lynette needs to drive now with her because her car got impounded.

Due to Lynette sudden departure Gabrielle is forced to spend the last night of her spa vacation alone. She is completely calm but gets nervous when she sees everybody happy and that there are only couples around her. On her way out she runs into John.

Bree is looking for her son in of the downtown areas of the city were all the prostitutes are. She asks one transvestite Pearly Gates for help and he/she point out to kitchen on the corner where everybody gets food for low prices.

Susan and Ian are having a romantic chat by the fire and they exchange details. They kiss. Ian confesses that Jane was the only woman he was ever with and Susan says that she was with nine and he is shocked and he is judging her … and she tells that it was eleven actually and he asks her how old is she and she rushes into room angry.

John is with Gabrielle and it turns out that he has a company of his own and he is pretty rich. John calls her Gabrielle for the first time and she seduces him.

Lynette is driving with Nora. Nora is eating some crackers and the cracking sound goes on her nerves. Lynette finally says all the things to Nora and Nora punches the wheel and they almost have a car crash. Lynette is pissed off and says to Nora if she wants to kill herself that is fine but she wants Nora to leave her alone. Nora is angry and wants to jump out of the car. Lynette finally stops and she hitchhikes the big rig and goes with the truck driver.

Julie is having some problems with electricity so she stops by Edie’s house to see if Edie is home to help her. Austin is home and he offers a helping hand.

Susan is still made at Ian and he knocks on the door. He comes in and they start kissing again. Then they start to talk again and he again started to pick her on eleven of her lovers and she gets mad again.

Bree is at the kitchen looking for Andrew and she finds him there. He is still mad at her and runs away.

Lynette is driving alone and sees Nora on the side of the road. She says that the guy grabbed her boob so she hit him and got out. Lynette allows her to come into car and Nora wants to hit home.

Nora says to Lynette that she is too strict and though. She says to her that Tom is afraid of her because he said to Nora that he hates ad job.

Austen is fixing a fuse box and he calls Julie to see what he is doing. He fixes it and they start flirting but then Edie comes in and tells Austen to go home. She wants a CD player she landed Susan but Julie says that she took it to hospital for Mike. Edie tells Julie to stay away from her nephew.

John and Gabrielle have just finished having sex and are in the bed. John’s mobile rings and he answers it and freaks out. After he hangs up he tells Gabrielle that she has to leave because his fiancé is on her way to here. He explains to her that his fiancé’s father is an owner of Sinclair hotels and if she catches them both his career is over. And then she is already on the door. He opens and lets her in. She wants to have sex but he needs to get rid of the suitcase. When she asks why he tells her that the zipper stuck. He takes it to elevator but then his fiancé comes with Gabrielle’s watch and asks whose it is. He tells her that he bought it but he didn’t have a time to pack it. She kisses him and the elevator with the suitcase goes down.

It turns out that Gabrielle is in the suitcase and after elevator stops a couple walks in and she starts to whisper if John is there. Finally she releases herself free and tells to people not to laugh because she saved the bundle on airfare.

Susan is sleeping but she hears the piano. She goes downstairs and sits next to Ian. She presses her finger on his lips because she doesn’t want him to say anything because the music is wonderful. They kiss again.

Bree is working in her garden. Orson tries to tell her that Andrew will return but she is certain that he won’t. She thinks that she failed them as a mother. Orson gets inside and sees through the window that Bree is crying.

Gabrielle is having breakfast and John walks by and returns the watch. Gabrielle tells him that she is single now but John tells her that it has to end…everything between them. He finally tells her goodbye.

Orson goes to find Andrew. He finds him and gives him fifty dollars and he says that he will give him fifty more if he will go with him to have a drink. They start to talk and Andrew figures out that he is the new husband. He confesses that he had done things for money that he isn’t proud of. Orson tells him to return home … he is just hurting himself and Bree even more. Andrew leaves after he takes food and drink. Orson tells him that if he changes his mind he will know where to return.

Lynette finally picked Tom. He is still having a back problem. Lynette tells him that he can find something besides advertising. Lynette tells him that whatever he does he will support him.

Edie came to the hospital to take her CD player back. She starts to talk with Mike and can’t resist but has to look at his penis and says: “Damn that is with the coma.” She starts to leave but turns again and sees something…

Lynette returns home and helps Tom to carry the stuff.

Andrew returned home and so did Gabrielle but her home is empty and she is sad about that.

Susan just finished having sex with Ian … and Edie as the hospital and Mike just woke up from his coma.

Quote: Edit

Mary Alice: "Orson Hodge dreamed of the perfect honeymoon. Indeed, he’d begun planning it the moment Bree Van de Kamp agreed to marry him. They’d start by flying first class to an exclusive five star hotel where they’d spend their days relaxing by the pool and their nights making love. And when they returned home, their perfect honeymoon would continue forever. It was at this moment that Orson realized that the honeymoon was over. In more ways than one."

Orson: "Bree, what’s the matter?"

Bree: "A reporter just did a story on homeless teens and my son was one of them."

Orson: "Oh, my god! Well, we’ll call child welfare the minute we get to the resort."

Bree: "Orson, you can’t imagine that we're still going!"

Orson: "Darling, the tickets are non-refundable."

Bree: "My son is eating out of dumpsters!"

Orson: "Well, yes! But think how much better you’ll be able to deal with this crisis after a nice relaxing..."

Susan: "So that’s my number in case there's any change in Mike’s condition. I’m going to the mountains with a friend. And, uh, just in case you were wondering, it’s strictly platonic."

Julie: "He wasn’t wondering."

Bree: "All she could tell me is what neighborhood they found him in. hey don’t have any contact information, no phone number, no address."

Orson: "Well, dear, if he had an address, he wouldn’t be homeless."

Orson: "I don’t want there to be any secrets between us."

Bree: "There won’t be, not anymore."

Danielle: "You know, Andrew is not the only one having a rough year. I’m the one whose boyfriend got shot right in front of her."

Bree (to Orson): "We’ll talk in the car."

Lynette: "God, I hate my life."

Gabrielle: "I know. I wouldn’t trade with you for anything."

Austin: "Oh, what's your project?"

Julie: "Oh, uh, it's complicated."

Austin: "You think I'm too dumb to understand your little science project?"

Julie: "It's not little. I finished third in the state twice. Now can you fix the fuse box or not?"

Austin: "Most houses built after nineteen ninety are wired through a circuit breaker. You didn't blow a fuse. You tripped a breaker. Not to challenge a two-time state science fair almost-champion or anything. Let me grab a flashlight."

Julie: "Maybe you could also grab a shirt and some pants. Pants would be nice."

Mary Alice: "We all carry something with us. Of course, it's nice if we travel with someone who can help lighten the load. But usually, it's easier to just drop what we've been carrying so we can get home that much sooner assuming, of course, there will be someone there to greet us when we arrive. Why do we clutch at this baggage, even when we're desperate to move on? Because we all know there's a chance we might let go too soon."

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